Stunning Cocktails for a Stunning Wedding

Champagne Wedding Reception

Wedding Cocktail Bars can provide you with a classic elegant start to your event, the Champagne Reception. What better way to greet your guests as they arrive at your reception than with a celebratory drink of bubbly to get the celebrations under way.

We can provide a number of different tasting champagnes to suit a variety of palates. For something just a little bit different, we can even serve our Wedding Cocktail Bars, ‘Strawberry Bellini’ served with a juicy strawberry perched on each glass to enhance its visual impact and add that extra touch of elegance.

Like all our event services, we can work with your to give you that totally personalised service and you can be sure with our highly trined staff, that it will be served in a totally professional elegant manner.

Get in touch!, Were sure we enhance the celebrations on your special day.



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