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Wedding Cocktail Bars – Professional Bartender Hire

Our Professional Bartenders enhance your event? Here at Wedding Cocktail Bars we have a highly talented team, who have been carefully selected based on their experience within the hospitality sector with particular emphasis on event management. This team which includes professional bartenders, mixologists and flair bartenders are able to deliver a consistent, professional high level service at every single event.

Our promise to all of our clients is that each and every one of our bartenders serving at your event has undergone a very through rigorous training programme as well as directed work with Mint Cocktail Bars. We will plan every aspect of your event down to the tiniest detail, sharing these plans with our professional bartenders so that they will know every aspect of your event from start to finish.

Wedding Cocktail Bars highly skilled mixologists are one of many reasons why customers continue to choose Wedding Cocktail Bars for their events. By ensuring our staff undergoes continuous high level training we have managed to develop a highly skilled team of mixologists and bar staff. A mixologist has to create a cocktail to suit a diverse range of palates, using an imaginative blend of flavoursome ingredients, whilst at the same time being able to replicate it to a consistent level. There’s a lot more to the job than just mix, shake and serve. By equipping Wedding Cocktail Bars mixologists with an extensive knowledge of liqueurs, spirits and mixers, it enables them to create a cocktail menu that is unique and highly personalised to suit your event. And if that’s not enough and you want to treat your guests to a real show, our flair bartenders are perfect. In true Wedding Cocktail Bars style our flair bartenders will display their tricks and showmanship as they expertly serve your drinks. A definite talking point at any event.

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